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Skin diseases

Eczema .Psorriasis,Dermatitis due to different causes.

Skin problems often result in a lot of discomfort. It's important to correctly diagnose a skin condition as eczema or psoriasis and treat it accordingly. Eczema, also called dermatitis, is a group of conditions in which the skin is hot, dry, itchy and scaly. In severe outbreaks the skin may become raw, red and bleeding. Eczema is thought to be a reaction to environmental irritants or allergies, and symptoms are worsened by stress and hormonal fluctuations.

Psoriasis is a different inflammatory skin condition. It is marked by patches of raised reddish skin, covered with a whitish silver layer. The most common form (plaque psoriasis) is common on the knees. In Ayurveda skin diseases are summarised under Kustha and ksudra rog.

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